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05/26/13 01:59 PM #2    


Linda Nelms (Holloman)

We are inviting those we can find, but have not sent the invitations out.  If anyone knows the address of any of them who no longer live in this area, please let us know.   Linda Kay 

05/28/13 02:04 PM #3    


Linda Parham (Buffington)

We are working on that. We have not sent out invitations yet. Hopefully some will come.


06/04/13 11:34 AM #4    


Jerry McElreath

 Does anyone remember about the memorial benches the class left at mchs for Steve and Mary Jane. I'm thinking they were originally placed at our school, now ninth grade academy. I know they were placed near the parking lot of the now high school a few years ago,but are now in front of the building.One of them got chipped somehow,but it makes me feel good every time  I see them to know that we left something from our class.I wonder if those names on the memorials mean anything to anyone  who goes to  school there now.

06/04/13 12:12 PM #5    


Linda Nelms (Holloman)

I walked by them and remembered every day I went to work there, as I am sure Sharon and Kathy did.   Seldom were students in front of the building when there was not someone sitting on them.  I don't know who was responsible for moving them to the new building from where they were originally put, but I am really glad they did.  I cannot think of another memorial that has lasted through all the changes.  I think their deaths, right before school started and right before it ended made us face the realities of life a bit differently than we otherwise would have.  They were both special people.

06/05/13 09:45 AM #6    


Jerry McElreath

Yes,Linda Kay. It makes me proud to see them still there after alll thes  years .I'm sure they will  be   there as long as the school  remains ,and we will  remember.         

06/06/13 05:30 PM #7    


Kathy King (English)

Anyone know the cure for website withdrawal?  Find myself checking Class of 69 site with ridiculous frequency, then have withdrawal syptoms when there aren't any new profiles or updates!  I need an intervention.

06/07/13 06:51 AM #8    


Ken Mathis

When you need a quick fix of the internet, check out the link

06/07/13 10:01 AM #9    


Kathy King (English)

Just what I needed, Ken, another distraction!  We are NOT going to be sitting around at the reunion glued to our iPhones, iPads, laptops, etc.  Will we know how to communicate face to face after cyber-visiting all these months???

06/07/13 12:09 PM #10    


Linda Nelms (Holloman)

I agree with you, Kathy.  I find myself checking the site every time I get near a computer, iPad or cellphone.  The younger generation communicates this way all the time, but I still occasionally use a telephone and TALK to folks.  I just hope we can figure out who is who when we all get together.  How large is the print on those name tags going to be, Linda?   Ken, really?  Who besides you has time to find such websites?  Thank you for sharing.  I'm sure it will help with our therapy when the reunion is over.  Like looking at the website, but can't wait to see and talk to everyone.

06/07/13 01:42 PM #11    


Sharon Spratlin (Reid)

I sure do remember those benches memorialized to our classmates!  I saw them everyday and thought about Mary Jane and Steve.  Yes, I wonder if anyone who sees them now even knows who they were.

06/08/13 08:53 AM #12    


Ken Mathis

Hey Kathy,

Check out for a real pick me up if you are having a bad day. Go to the menu at the top and select "posters" and pick the one that fits your day.

Also, if you like Star Wars, John Williams or amazing muscial talent, you might find this fun..



06/08/13 09:57 AM #13    


Kathy King (English)

Thanks, Ken.  Now I have an official excuse for not cooking supper.  Too funny...have to share this with all the Star Wars fans I know.

Thanks again for getting us started on the reunion plans.  The class owes you a big round of applause.  Many of us wanted this to happen, but it always takes someone to kickstart the process.  You've done a great job!

06/10/13 03:37 PM #14    


Carol Barnett (Wagner)

The last will and testament was really cute. I don't even remember doing it. I shouldn't admit that I guess but we are all the same age so you know what I mean. Thankfully the freckles have faded.

06/12/13 10:27 AM #15    

James Bellamy (Teacher)

Hey Jerry:  I have a good guess who Granny was. Not sure though, just know it wasn' me.

06/12/13 01:15 PM #16    


Kathy King (English)

'Granny' was Linda Luce, right?

06/12/13 08:58 PM #17    


Peyton Moore

Suggestions for certificates

Most marriages

Longest distance traveled

Most children

Most grand children

Most great grand children

Least change in appearence male and female

Most interesting hobbie

Most interesting occupation


06/13/13 06:47 AM #18    


Jackie Conley (Wilson)

Well, there you go ... Peyton did it.  Thanks, Peyton.


The only thing I would add is the person married the longest.

06/13/13 08:26 AM #19    


Jerry McElreath

Really , Linda Luce would have been my last guess

06/13/13 09:35 AM #20    


Kathy King (English)

Peyton and Jackie, good suggestions for the reunion awards. I'm already trying to guess who'll win. 


To everyone coming to the reunion, we are planning a Trivia game to test our knowlege of classmates and class events.  Search your memory, keep reading the website, and knock the dust off your Hilltopper yearbook. We'll have a lot of fun as we recall MCHS days and discover what the past 44 years have held for classmates.

06/13/13 12:28 PM #21    


Jimmy Dudley

I can't remember which teacher we called Granny, But I do know that Linda Luce was called Mama Luce. I know that because I called her that and that is the way she signed my year book. I missed her when left  she for Okalahoma. I thought Mrs. Burroughs was Granny.

06/13/13 02:50 PM #22    


Kathy King (English)

Jimmy, I bet you're right.  Isn't it amazing the details we remember and the things we just don't?  This reunion experience has brought back stuff I haven't thought about in decades.

08/05/13 01:56 PM #23    


Kathy King (English)

Jerry, Mr. Harris had Linda P. sign all our diplomas. ( Does that mean we didn't really graduate??)  We forgot to talk about it at the reunion.


It was great to see you, too.  I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  It was an amazing weekend.

08/05/13 03:57 PM #24    


Linda Nelms (Holloman)

I agree Kathy.  It was a very memorable weekend.  I don't know how it could have been much better. 

Jerry,  I sure wish I had thought of getting someone else to sign them the years I had to do it.  It was not easy.  The ink smeared if you were not very careful, and you could not stack them up for a very long time in case the ink was not dry.  It took forever.  I guess he had some well placed confidence in Linda to do it right!  And to think, 44 years later, she is still doing things right!  LK    

10/18/13 08:13 PM #25    


Peyton Moore

How many of our class are going to the MCHS 56 TO 70

REUNION SAT the 26th?

10/19/13 11:47 AM #26    


Linda Nelms (Holloman)

I talked with Al Stone this week.  He was one of the ones who planned it.  He says there has been a lot of interest and they are expecting a big crowd.  Don't know how many from our class, but it would be good to see those who were in school with us but not in our class.  We have to go to a wedding, so we will not be able to attend, but it sounds like it will be fun.  You do not have to have reservations - can just show up and pay at the door.    Linda Kay



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